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An evolution of our state of the art brewery

Dalrigh Distillery is an evolution of the award winning Loch Lomond Brewery. Brewing world class beers since 2011 we have been looking very closely at the similarities in beer and grain spirits and have decided we can add value to the great work of existing Scottish whisky distilleries.

Our approach to whisky is to acknowledge the traditional wisdom that the wood does a great deal of the work in making scotch what it is. But there is so much more work that can be done in the brewing and distilling process be that from the choice of barleys, through to yeast strains and both time and temperature of the fermentation. We will create incredible single malt whisky following these principles. And as for the much underrated single grain whisky, there is so much we can do with our knowledge as craft brewers of oats, wheat, corn and other grains.

So much is possible from Dalrigh (the field of the king) Distillery. But what about the name?

There are so many stories and legends from the area we find ourselves in, from the majesty of Loch Lomond to the north and the industry of the River Clyde to the south. Our brewery and distillery is but a stones throw from the former home of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. Dal (field) Righ (King) has leant 
itself to a few areas around Scotland, including the Highland hamlet near Tyndrum where the Bruce faced his last defeat before gathering his thoughts and strength and taking on Edwards army at Bannockburn, and Dalreoch just a mile away. It is from the former grounds of the Bruce Estate, the field of the king that we bring the barley and cereals from the fields of Scotland and produce spirits fit for a king, or queen.



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